Wishing for things you don’t want…

I was driving today and to my right there was a large public park, on one of the benches sat a man, an old man cradling a can of bear hunched into his jacket to keep warm. For just a moment, I wanted his life. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be homeless, or hungry or cold. I love my family very much and am eternally grateful for the fortunes, however few, that have been bestowed upon me, but In that minute the only things that crossed my mind were less responsibility, no bills to pay, no one to let down by not doing enough, I wouldn’t wake up in the morning and have to deal with a million things to do and my own failures on top of that, I wouldn’t have to write and if I did I might have something to write about! For that minute I thought it might be nice to just be me, my jacket and my red-bull (Defo not going down the beer route!).  

Welcome to – Get Me To Tomorrow

This blog is not being written with the intended mass followings that the internet has made so easy, likewise anyone who happens across my page is welcome to share in my thoughts. As above I am a big believer, or rather I would like to be a big believer of living each day as your last – no regrets. That said my life just doesnt seem to realistically fit into that catagory. Recently I find myself lacking both in motivation and writing skills, my unfinished book sits untouched anymore as I cannot bear the hours of internal mental struggle only to hit the dreaded delete. So getting back to the point, this blog will be my home for the next… however long whilst I try to re-awaken my sense of ‘love life, write life’. I cannot promise interesting, informative posts but I can promise random thoughts with a shoulder given and shared for anyone else who wants more from each day but just can’t seem to find it! Now – Get me to tomorrow!